Windfirming and Commercial Stand-Tending

Maintaining a healthy residual forest is key to any new development. Windfirming and tending to these forest edges can be a key treatment in maintaining aesthetics and more importantly, avoiding windthrow events during storm cycles. In many ways, windfirming is one of the cornerstones of our tree climbing division. IOG’s combined experience includes hundreds of kilometers of windfirming along forest edges across BC’s coast through both urban and commercial forestry settings. Whether you have 15m second-growth along a newly cleared subdivision or 100m westcoast old-growth along the edge of a new cutblock, we can design and execute a program that is right for you and your work setting.
  • Commercial windfirming
  • Spiral pruning and crown lifts
  • Pruning and tree removal for utilities
  • Danger tree-assessments
  • Crown sanitation and hazard abatement