Our Team

IOG constructs its project teams based on the unique needs and challenges of each project. Our team consists of Registered Professional Foresters, ISA Certified Arborists, BCFSC Certified Fallers, Qualified Tree Climbers, Danger Tree Assessors and other professionals.

Shawn Mandula, RPF, ISA Certified Arborist

Managing Partner, Operations Manager
Shawn specializes in project management, single-stem heli logging, danger tree and health assessments, and arboriculture in both woodland and urban environments. While working as IOG’s Operations Manager, Shawn leverages a unique team of professional foresters, engineers, fallers, tree climbers and other resource professionals to develop solutions to dynamic challenges and unlock hidden value. His clients include forest licensees, log brokers, large utility companies, municipalities and private land owners, amongst others.

Crispin Coppock, BCFSC Certified Faller/Tree Climber

Managing Partner, Project Manager
Crispin is an elite tree climber/faller with a strong background in operations management and project supervision. He has climbed, modified and removed some of the largest, most technical danger trees in Canada and the world. He has significant experience completing dangerous and technical projects efficiently and safely while balancing client needs and profitability. Crispin manages projects in the fields of single stem harvest, windfirming, danger tee removal/modification, residential tree work, and utility vegetation management.

Sig Kemmler, BCFSC Certified Faller

Managing Partner, Ground-Based Logging Manager
Sig has worked in the forest industry for nearly 40 years and is the backbone of IOG’s ground-based and conventional harvest programs. With a passion for innovation and a diverse background encompassing ground-based, heli and single-stem harvest methods, Sig consistently finds ways to exceed our client’s expectations by finding ways to extract volume and value that others would consider unavailable.